Thursday, September 12, 2013

All Talk, No Action

Despite the fact that I don't watch much daytime television (save for the occasional episode of Ellen), Cael seems to be picking up on some very weird pop culture trivia from the other Kindergartners at his school.

"Mom, what is the view?"

"Well, a view is what you can see, or sometimes people say that a really pretty sight is 'a nice view'.  Is that what you mean?"

"No, I mean on TV.  What is 'The View'?"

"Seriously?  The View is a show with a lot of different women who have really different opinions and like to argue and tease each other a lot."

"Oh, okay.  And who is Whopah?"

"Whopah?  I have no idea."

"Yes you do!  She's on TV.  Whopah!"

"You mean 'Oprah'?"

"Yeah! Oprah!  Is Oprah the President?"

"No, Cael.  But there were a bunch of people who wish she was.  She is very famous, and she had a show, too, for a long, long time."

"Is she magic?"

"Not at all.  There are just a lot of people that like her, and she did good things for people that needed help."

"But is she Santa?"

"No, Cael."

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"But--" (insert name of boy in Cael's class with outdated and somewhat questionable programming tastes) "--said that Whopah gives out presents to people at Christmas every year, and it's a secret."

"That is true, Oprah used to do that.  But her show ended a while ago, and she is not Santa."

"Okay.  But I still think I want to meet Oprah."

"Let's just go home and I'll get a snack for you and Graham."

"Thanks, Mom!"

 As if regulating his intake of play-fighting and junk food wasn't enough work, now I have to monitor my son's interest in daytime talk shows.  

"Come on, boys!  You get a carrot stick!  And you get a carrot stick!  You ALL get carrot sticks!..."

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