Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Price of Not Knocking on Wood

With a few weeks of school for both boys under our belts, I have to step back and admit how easy life has been.  Sure, making such a statement is usually the kiss of death, or at the very least an invitation for an emergency room visit or another house flood, but it remains true nonetheless.  True enough, even, that it is occasionally a struggle to come up with something to contribute to the blog on a daily basis. 

This morning, the house quiet with the absence of my two uncharacteristically well-behaved toe-heads, I trudged slowly to the basement office to try and manifest an interesting story to share with all of you, knowing that I'd likely wind up watching clips of Ellen or funny cat videos on YouTube.  But as I wiggled the mouse to wake up the computer, I was shocked, irritated and mostly confused to see that my well-behaved school boys had been busy this morning taking some very candid photos and changing my computer's desktop wallpaper.

My new desktop wallpaper, plus some much-needed censoring...
At least I know they are learning.  Granted, Cael's Kindergarten teacher probably didn't teach him the basics of nude photography and Graham's preschool lessons aren't currently about uploading photos and desktop organization, but they have learned something nonetheless. 

I guess I should learn to knock on wood. 

Do I hear dripping water?

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