Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Plus Two

Stating that my kids are mischievous would be as obvious and inefficient as bothering to explain that grass is green.  It is simply a given.

Rather than wallowing in frustration at the temperamental card I've been dealt (okay, I do that sometimes, too) I try to switch my perspective to a more optimistic outlook.  I like to remind myself that the reason my boys so easily find mischief and test my patience is because they are smart.  Really smart.

Too smart for their own good, really.

We put those smarts to the test the other day when Joel worked on math with Cael and Graham, the latter surprising us with his unexpectedly quick finger counting.

Graham saw our enthusiasm for his math skills and, desperate to relive that praise, started applying his newly-found arithmetic abilities to everything in sight.

"Mom, want to hear me add again?"

"Sure, Bubba."

"Otay.  What's a chair plus a pillow?"



They really are smart.  I promise.

"That doesn't really work, Graham.  You can't add objects and get a number as the answer."

"Yes you can!  What is an apple minus Oscar?"

"You tell me." 

"Onehundredthreehundredsixhundred.  And two."

"Oh, I see.  But Graham, listen.  Math uses numbers, not things around our house.  I know that you're very smart and I'm proud of you and how good you are at math.  So if you want to work on it, that's great.  But what you're doing right now isn't really 'math'."

"You're mean.  And Mommy?  You plus me?  That equals farts!"


  1. That is so crazy Graham is adding & subtracting already! School is going to be a BREEZE for him!! Plus he's so darn cute, even if he wasn't smart the teachers can't help but love him : )-Shirley

    1. Yeah, he's in good shape, I think. I just wish I could get Cael as interested in learning as he is in playing sports and laughing about farts.


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