Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Mommy, I needs a haircut."

"You think, Graham?  I know that you need a trim, but I kind of like your hair a little longer."

"But I'm gonna look like a girl!"

"No, your face is a very handsome boy face, and your clothes are obviously boy clothes.  I don't think anyone will think you're a girl."

"Yes they will!  Right, Cael?"

"Good one, Mom.  Now everyone is going to think Graham is a girl, and then Daddy will be mad at those people and they will all get into a huge fight and Daddy will go to jail for 800 years and you'll be sad and Graham will get really sick because he would only eat candy.  And then he'll be in the hospital for a really long time and they'll give him the wrong medicine because they'll think he's a girl and it will make him even sicker and then he'll die.  He'll be dead, Mom.  Dead.  Guess you should have just given him a haircut."

 "Yes, hello, is this Cost Cutters?..."

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