Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easy Street

Don't you love it when everything goes just right?  When it seems like, for once, things just come easily?  I thought briefly that it was the warm air and plentiful sunshine that had sparked my optimism, or perhaps the fact that it was Saturday, but as the day progressed with no crises, it became clear that for once glorious day, I'd have it easy.

Unlike most days, I wasn't rudely awakened by my alarm clock at 6:00am.  I was able to sleep soundly until 7:30am, an hour of the morning that, ten years ago, would have been closer to my bedtime than my waking hour.  After breakfast and a quick check of my home which, shockingly,  revealed no vandalism or early morning candy theft, I was able to take a relaxing bath without interruption.

Because Joel had prior commitments, I spent the afternoon with my boys, dividing our time between "The Incredibles" and a large pad of coloring paper.

"I drew a picture of you, Mom.  And I put a heart by it because I love you so much."

"You're so sweet!  I love you too!"

They ate their lunches without complaining.  Cael offered to clear the dishes.  Graham happily trotted to his room for his nap, and a cool breeze drifted through the open windows that smelled of spring and the promise of rain.

Because everything was going my way, plans came together seamlessly when Papa suggested that the entire family head to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  The rest of the family called ahead and reserved a table, and we arrived just in time to bypass the hoard of people waiting for peanuts and steak.

I knew that my boys would eat well; not just because they were being unusually agreeable, but because they would do just about anything when faced with the prospect of fresh rolls with honey butter.  Graham sneaked rolls while the rest of us laughed together and munched on a free appetizer.

When the meal was done, we made a quick stop at Walmart to purchase a birthday gift for the boy I watch during the week.  Joel and I each took a child and headed in different directions so that we could tackle our errands quickly and return home.  It was a great day, and there were still a few hours left, after all.

That's when, without warning, Graham threw up all over the buffed floors of our local Walmart.  And just like the rest of our day, he threw himself into the act with no reservations, unleashing a volume of pureed honey-buttered rolls and shelled peanuts that I would not have believed could fit into the petite stomach of my three year-old son. 

Easy street has more potholes than I remembered...

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  1. Oh dear! I am always weary of things when everything seems to go okay! bcoz well, they never do! :) reminds me of the day my daughter behaved like an angel for the first time in her entire existence, coz im counting the days she was in my tummy, not such a pleasant time either, anyways, shez this angel one day, the next, she falls down and fractures her collar bone, bummer! still recovering from that injury with the help of the memory of that one perfect day!!! LOL!
    Hope little graham feels ok soon!


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