Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ism of the Week

"Cael, what do you want in your eggs?  Cheese?  Spinach?  Onions?  Ham?"

"I want cheese.  But Mommy, what is spinnige?"  

"Spinach is a leaf that you eat.  I like it a lot and it's really good for you."

"Did it come from the backyard?"

"No, it's not a leaf from one of our trees.  It grows in gardens just for eating."

"What about sticks?  Can I eat sticks?"

"No, that's not good for your tummy."

"But Oscar eats sticks.  And poop."

"You should never eat poop."

"Well you said I shouldn't eat too much candy, but I saw you eat all of those pumpkin kisses yesterday, so you're not telling the truth."


"So I think I'm gonna start eating leaves and sticks and poop... OH!  And pumpkin kisses.  You DO know you're supposed to share, right Mommy?"

1 comment:

  1. LOL! That last photo of Cael is priceless! :) Guess he stuck to his declaration to try out oscar-food. :)


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