Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ism of the Week

"Cael, what do you want in your eggs?  Cheese?  Spinach?  Onions?  Ham?"

"I want cheese.  But Mommy, what is spinnige?"  

"Spinach is a leaf that you eat.  I like it a lot and it's really good for you."

"Did it come from the backyard?"

"No, it's not a leaf from one of our trees.  It grows in gardens just for eating."

"What about sticks?  Can I eat sticks?"

"No, that's not good for your tummy."

"But Oscar eats sticks.  And poop."

"You should never eat poop."

"Well you said I shouldn't eat too much candy, but I saw you eat all of those pumpkin kisses yesterday, so you're not telling the truth."


"So I think I'm gonna start eating leaves and sticks and poop... OH!  And pumpkin kisses.  You DO know you're supposed to share, right Mommy?"


  1. Ha ha ha!!! He is one smart and observant kid!!

  2. LOL! That last photo of Cael is priceless! :) Guess he stuck to his declaration to try out oscar-food. :)


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