Friday, October 19, 2012

Agree to Disagree

This is my life lately.  It's been rough.

But I'm gentler to you than my children can be to me, so for your sake I'll make Cael's words bold.  I don't want you to feel as though your brains are going through a centrifuge like mine did when I had to listen to it firsthand.

"Mommy, look!  Dat way is right."

"You're wrong, Graham."
 "No, no!" 
"No, Cael!" 
"Yes, Graham."
"No, dat's mean, Cael!" 
"Yes.  Yes, yes, yes."
"Yep and yes."

Time to change the subject, right?  Surely that will make them stop, right?

"Look, a train!  We're gonna drive right over it.  Do you see it, Cael?"

"Yes you did, Cael!" 
"No I didn't!"
"Wait, Graham.  Did you just say 'no'?"
"Huh?  No.  I mean 'yes'!"
"Yes or no?"
"No, Graham."
"No!  That's not true!"
"Yes it is, Cael." 

"Enough, boys.  I can't listen to any more of that arguing."

"Yes you can, Mommy."
"No, I really can't." 
"No, Cael."

Seriously, no.

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