Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner-- Er, Town

My tiny town is on the map today because President Obama is in town speaking at the college Joel and I attended.  And as cool as that is, people are acting as though the sun might crash into the earth.  Roads are being closed off, crowds of people sleeping on the sidewalk in hopes of catching a glimpse and a good seat, and nearly every yard is littered with signs promoting their candidate's cause. 

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Although I hadn't explained it directly, Cael could tell that something was up.

"Mommy, what is going on?  Why are there so many people walking around?"

"Because the President is coming today."

"Who is the President?"

"His name is Barack Obama.  He's the man that is in charge of our country."

"Mt. Vernon?"

"No, that is our town.  Our state is Iowa, and our country is the Unites States."

"That's not right, Mommy. Umbrella is not charge of the whole country."

"Obama, honey.  And yes, he is our country's leader."

"No, Mommy, Jesus is in charge!"

"Haha, okay, Cael.  But people are very excited because he is an important guy and he doesn't come around here very often."

"Does he have a beard?"

"No.  Why?"

"Because he's in charge like Jesus, and he's really important.  He doesn't come here a lot, and everybody is excited.  Umbrella must be Santa!"

I hated to break it to him that Obama isn't Santa Claus.  If the candidates dressed as fantastical childhood characters it just might improve their chances, however.  You think Romney would be the Easter bunny?

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