Friday, August 17, 2012

Time Zoned Out

A quick chat between Joel and his Dad last night led to complete and utter confusion for Cael.  Bampa, who lives in Washington state, appeared on the screen with the unmistakeable glow of sunlight from the sky, while Cael watched from our dimply lit bedroom at nine at night.

"Bampa, how is it daytime there and it's nighttime here?"

"That's because I'm in a different time zone.  It's earlier here."

Cael seemed to accept that answer, but as I strained to listen from the kitchen, I knew that the conversation was far from over.  As we drove to school, he struggled to understand just what this "time zone" thing was all about. 

"Mommy, is it morning in Washington?"

"Yes.  They are two hours behind us, but it's still morning."

"They're behind us?"

"I mean that when it is 8:00 here, it's only 6:00 there.  It's always later here."

"But it is summer there?"

"Yes, honey.  The only thing different is the time.  That's why it's called a 'time zone'."

"And is it Iowa there?

"No, it's Washington, remember?"

I could tell that it didn't really register, but he was content enough to stop grilling me until we reached his school.  I pulled up to the door, put the van and park, and turned toward him, surprised to see him glued to his chair and in no hurry to join his class.

"Get yourself unbuckled, Cael.  It's time for school!"

"No it's not, Mommy.  I'm in another car zone." 

Can't argue with that logic.


  1. LOL...he has such good one liners! :-)

    1. He is! I wish he would have picked up on reading and behaving himself as much as he's picked up my sense of humor and sarcasm. Yikes.


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