Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rhyme Time

"Mommy, listen.  Ham... Sam!  That rhymes!"

"Good job, that does rhyme.  Can you do another?" 

"Um... okay.  Dog... long?"

"That was pretty close, but the ending of the word has to be the same.  If 'dog' ends in 'og', the rhyming word does too.  So instead of 'long', it should be 'log'."


"Just try again, Cael."

"Momma, I rhyme too, see?  Bat and... bat!" 

Technically, that does rhyme.

"You boys are really good at this.  Let's try another.  What rhymes with car?" 

"I know, I know!  Plar!"

"Yeah, that rhymes, but 'plar' isn't a word, Cael." 

"Yes it is.  That's like a car with green hair and pizza.  And it smells really bad and takes you up in the air like an airplane, but it's not an airplane.  Like a bicycle in the air.  Or a car, but not a car... a 'plar'.  And it plays music that I dance to with Graham, and we shake our bottoms with our Toy Story underpants.  You know, Mommy, a 'plar'!"

I stand corrected.  Car... plar. 

"Okay, last one, boys.  I need to make breakfast."

"I've got it already, Mommy.  And it's a good one.  Ready?"

"Yep.  Lay it on me." 

"Okay.  Duck..."

Yikes.  At least he earned an "A" for rhyming properly.  Or maybe an "F" is more appropriate...


  1. Ha ha! Maybe Cael's just preparing himself for a future advanced poetry course. "dog" and "long" actually do rhyme when one is using what's called slanted rhyme. Your son is brilliant! ;o)


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