Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh What a Wonderful Toy

Sometimes I'm not patient.  Sometimes I don't take the time I should to stop what I'm doing and truly listen to my kids. 

"Mommy, I can't make this slinky work!"

From my place at the kitchen counter, I simply muttered back, "Start at the top of the stairs, Cael." 

"I am, Mommy!  It's not working!  Can you come over here?"

"Just put it on the top step and tip the top over."

"I tried that.  It's not working!  Come over here!"

"I'm making breakfast.  Try flipping it over."

In less than ten seconds of silence, I managed to completely forget that Cael was working up a literal and proverbial sweat trying to manipulate the Slinky.

"That didn't work.  It doesn't look right, Mommy.  It's just not working."

"Oh, bummer", I offered lamely from the kitchen.

It's not that I'm proud of my blasé attitude.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't even completely conscious of the conversation as I plated breakfast and sidestepped Matchbox cars.  But if I wasn't paying attention before, Cael knew how to remedy the problem.

"See, Mommy?  It just won't work."

I guess breakfast can wait.

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