Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ism of the Week

It is with a heavy heart that I retire the "Caelism of the Day".  But let's face it-- I'm only posting an "ism" once a week anyway, and Graham's vocabulary is increasing daily from the Joey Lawrence-inspired "whoa" that he was balking when I began this blog.  So from now on, you can look forward to the "Ism of the Week" and the often ill-advised ramblings of either Cael or Graham.

Or you can dread it.  I sometimes do.
And speaking of dreaded things, the unthinkable has happened.  My computer has crashed in a most grandiose fashion, and encased within it are all of the photos of my children, every video ever taken and a lot of blog archives that, depending the sense of humor of whoever may get ahold of them, could land me a book deal or get my children confiscated by CPS.  Cross your fingers for me.

So, to christen the new "Ism of the Week" feature of the blog, enjoy Cael's commentary on my technological debacle.

"I'm bored.  Can I watch 'Thomas the Train'?"

"Cael, I can't put Thomas on for you because Netflix isn't working.  The computer is broken, so I can't get wireless internet."

"But I want to watch it!"

"I'm sorry.  But there are lots of other things to do.  Sometimes I like to draw a picture, or build a fort.  I always love to read a book, too."

"I know what I want to do!"

"Okay, what?"

"I want to eat ice cream and watch TV in your bedroom.  You always like to do that, right?"

Wound.  Salt.  Rub. 

I'm ready for the weekend.  Anybody with me?


  1. Oh dear! Is there any way to recover all your photos?? I hope it's not too bad.... Looking forward to seeing photos of your beautiful boys....

    1. We had an external hard drive that *should* have all of our data on it. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed until I see those photos for myself!

  2. ps. Im going to miss "Caelism of the day" very much. maybe you could try throwing together "cael" , "graham" and "ism" and come up with something?? but then, maybe you have already tried that?? :)

    1. I am just rephrasing it- no longer just about Cael and no longer "daily". The "Ism of the Week" will go on with random insight from whoever wants to share that week!


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