Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hail to the Chief

My apologies, friends.  Yesterday did not reflect my best work.  In fact, my lack of posting reflected no work.  I wish I could say that I was too occupied training for a marathon, or pursuing my dream of riding a diving horse in Atlantic City circa 1930.

But the truth is, I just plain forgot.

I thought about claiming this oversight as merely my observance of President's Day, but the one conversation I had about the holiday didn't go so well.

"Why doesn't Amy have to go to work today?"

"Because it's President's Day."

"What is that?"

"Today was George Washington's birthday.  He was our first president."

"He was my first present?"

"No, he was our country's first president."

"What's a president?"

"The president is the person that makes all of the decisions about the country.  He is the boss of the country, just like Mommy and Daddy are the bosses of our house."

"All of the presidents are having a birthday today?"

"Nope, just Washington.  But someone decided that it's a good day to celebrate all of the presidents." 

"Is Amy going to their birthday party?"

"No, she gets the day off so that she can remember them." 

"Are they all dead?"

"Most of them are, because some of them lived a very long time ago.  But there are some that are still alive.  You remember us talking about President Obama, right?  He's alive." 


"Obama.  He's our president right now.  He's the country's boss.  He decides what we should do just like I decide what you eat and how you should behave." 

"I think Obaba wants me to play the jumping game on your phone."

I think he's the stealthiest politician of them all.

So rather than running or horse jumping, we had a lazy day at home.  And while bathtime and "hide-and-go-seek" may not register in importance on a presidential level, they are hot-button issues in my jurisdiction.  I think my constituents approved of the day off, but don't worry-- I'll be back tomorrow.

Cael put in an executive order.


  1. I did wonder if you were sick or something yesterday!!! Glad you're back :-)

    1. I think my biggest mistake was requiring myself to write each weekday! I'm jealous of the people that post once or twice a week! But if you don't write, no one will read...

  2. Cael has my vote for president! ;)

    1. Fabulous! Although the idea makes me seriously fear for my country... :)


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