Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Comic Relief

Normally I would be really proud to learn that one of my boys had acquired a new skill.  After all, each new task they master is a step closer to independence.
You learned to write your name?  Good for you!
You can tie your shoes?  Great news!
You know how to put someone in a sleeper hold?  That's amaz-- wait, what?

But if your child is prone to moodiness like Cael, what seems like good thing can turn out to be passive-aggressive therapy fodder in no time.

Therapy for me, that is.

"Mom, did you see my comic strip?"

"No, show me!  Did you make it yourself?"

"Yeah, look.  Zoop's Mom is always telling him to do things like clean up, and she never has a good reason."

"Hey Zoop clean the rood" (road),  "Why do I always haf to listen to you",  "cose I said so",  "rrrr"

"Okay... and what's happening to her?"

"She gets hit by a van and then she's really mad at Zoop because she got hit by the van."

"ouch",  "rrrr"
I have to admit to being somewhat impressed by his illustrations and what was a pretty understandable storyboard, but I immediately started having flashes of pillows being pressed over my face at night, or poisoning by toilet cleaner in my soda.  I needed to say something.

"Wow, Cael.  I know you don't like picking up but I don't think it's that big of a deal.  Plus I think you'd be pretty sad if I really did get hit by our van."

"It's not you, Mom!  See, the guy's name is Zoop!"

"I know, but are you saying you don't feel this way even a little bit?  I know how much you hate cleaning."

"Well, I don't know.  But see, Zoop's van is red and our van is blue.  It can't be you in the comic."

Alright, alright.  But I just want you to remember that I do most of the cleaning in the house, and I just ask you to pick up the messes you make.  I think that's pretty fair."

"Yeah, okay."

I wasn't going to eek out a confession, so I decided to let it go.  As long as he is able to release his frustrations with a yellow marker and not our red blue Toyota Sienna, I can focus on his artistic skills and not on the tiny stars circling over "Zoop's mom's" head following what must have been a concussion.  But just as I was walking away, I could hear Cael muttering to himself.

"Fine then, Zoop isn't sorry!"

PS--  If I disappear after a few days, please enter Cael's artwork in as evidence.

Why?  "Cose I said so."

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