Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter Snow

A couple of weeks ago, the east coast was hunkering down for what what reported to be the "biggest snowfall in history".  In reality, however, the storm wasn't so historic.  New England was blanketed in a lot of snow, but after one day or so, business went on as usual.

We get that.  It happens all the time in Iowa.  Nearly every time there is more than 2 or 3" of snow in the forecast, the local news and weather team works themselves into a frenzy.

Stock up on canned goods!
Check your batteries!
Stay safe with storm coverage from our station only!

Yet nearly every time, what results is little more than a flurry of activity, and very few actual flurries.   
See what I did there?

Last week, however, the predictions were true for the Midwest.  After about a day's worth of snowfall, we had more than 11" of heavy snow bending tree branches and coating the world in a thick layer of crisp, clean, white.

And since there aren't words that match the beauty of a still winter snow, take a quick second and admire the way our brown fields and bare trees have been transformed.

See what I mean?  No words are needed to describe this amazing scene.  But in case you are a verbal person and not prone to being moved by images, let me leave you with Cael's words which ring out like poetry against the beauty of nature...

"The snow is so pretty and cold, and it makes my nose red and numb... just like my nuts.  Seriously, Mom, I'm numb down there."

Stay warm out there.

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  1. Great pics!!
    And great comment by Cael, LOL!


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