Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A November Prayer

Dear God,

In this month of thanks, I want to begin by thanking you for all of the amazing blessings in my life. 

Thank you for this home-- much nicer than I ever hoped for and after a forced renovation is starting to have some style and to feel like something I've crafted myself; a reflection of our family.  Everything except those pairs of Graham's underpants I found crammed behind the entertainment center. 

Thank you for my sweet big boys who, despite a burgeoning problem with de-pantsing each other in public, surprise me and warm my heart every day.  Cael has such a quirky sense of humor and makes me laugh every day.  Graham is quick to remind me how much he loves me and how he thinks I'm beautiful even when I have no makeup on and no one has told me that I have chunks of egg in my hair.

Thank you for my littlest one.  So many years went by without the idea of him, and now that he is here I cannot imagine my life and our family without him and his digestive pyrotechnics.  My love for him is just as explosive (but probably less smelly).

But what's on my heart today is my husband.  Thank you for providing me with someone who works tirelessly to provide for me.  Thank you for encouraging him to teach our children about You and how to be smart, respectful men.

But God... please put a stop to this No Shave November thing!

Last year, what began as No Shave November ended with my husband, six months of beard and mustache growth, a handful of little girls' multicolored rubber hair bands, and TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT. 

Lord, I pretended not to notice when he quietly shaved his goatee on November 1st.

I looked the other way when his razor sat unused for a week. 

I shook my head when Cael and Graham sang a song about butt-cheeks for 17 minutes straight yesterday.  (That may have been unrelated, but I'm not counting it out.)

But without the impending birth of another child to use as leverage, I fear this may be the impetus for my husband to begin transitioning into a Duck Dynasty sub-character. 

Just so you are aware, (as I'm sure you already are) I have explored the possibility that I am being smited in some way for my bad decisions if the past.

Is this happening because I had bangs in fifth grade?  (I know that was wrong.)

Is this happening because I would not allow our boys to be named Crosby?  (I still won't apologize for that.)

Whatever the reason, I ask for your forgiveness and pray that, after November 30th, You will move Joel's heart (and hands) to shave his face.  I think even Jesus might have liked smooth skin for Christmas.


PS- Is there such a thing as "Dazzling Diamonds for your wife December??"

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