Thursday, May 22, 2014

Double Header

Last year, Cael was beyond excited to begin his first year of parks and rec t-ball, and I was just as enthusiastic about showing off his surprising level of skill rather than exhibiting his strangeness for once.

Cael, ready for the ball in May 2013.

The month flew by quickly, filled with practices and games and hours of trying desperately to entertain Graham, and before we knew it, it was time to sign up for t-ball once again.

A little persuading later, and Graham was allowed to join the same league as Cael despite being 8 days short of the age cut-off, but a little bit of backyard practice over the last few weeks vastly improved his technique.

 So did holding the bat right side up.

With the baby coming very soon, this arrangement allowed both boys to be on the same team, thus eliminating the need for both Joel and I to attend practices twice each week.  This also eliminated the need to run from one field to another, scolding boys or signing waivers in the event that they do inappropriate things with balls, bats, helmets, teammates and/or any other accessories that may accompany this or any sport my children may play.  (Is that legally binding?)

For once, however, things went really smoothly, and the boys both fell effortlessly into their traditional roles, Graham picking flowers and smiling kindly at everyone rather than watching the ball...

...and Cael taking every available opportunity to share his awesomeness with the world.

Here's to another summer of baseball and barbecues with two (soon three!) very active boys, and hopefully not sending my six year-old to t-ball in an NRA hat anymore. 

Hey, we all have dreams.

(Baby Foreman will be making his arrival sometime in the next two weeks, depending on the results up upcoming ultrasounds!  I will be updating as much as possible, but bear with me as we become a family of five!  Thanks so much for your patience!)

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  1. Enjoying reading your posts, n cannot wait to meet your newest addition!!!! hope u have safe delivery and get to bring home ur sweet baby in good health!!


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