Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Party of Five

By this time, you've probably heard the news that our third son was born last week. But in case we aren't connected on social media, allow me to introduce Adler James Foreman, our tiny little bundle!  Adler was born Saturday, May 24th at 10:36am, weighing 5lbs, 10oz and 19.3 inches long.

We're completely in love.

Adler has already proved to be very different from his brothers.  I hadn't shared the details of my pregnancy on this blog, but from the very beginning there were complications.  From a persistent spot appearing on his heart in ultrasounds to the gestational diabetes that kept me from eating anything good to soothe my nerves, I was already bundle of anxiety when my ultrasounds began to show that his growth was restricted.  Each time he was measured, we noticed a four to five week discrepancy between his actual age and his estimated size.  For a few months, the doctors assured me that unreliable ultrasounds were to blame, but when he dipped below the 10th percentile at his 37 week growth scan, everyone agreed that it was time to evict while he was still healthy enough to handle the induction.

 No labor is "easy", so I'll skip the details of how I endured three unsuccessful epidurals, or how Adler developed a bizarre irregular heartbeat (that seems to have dissipated after birth) or how the doctor was "off site" when I needed to push and, instead, we will focus on this face.

I didn't get many photos of this sweet face in the hospital, because his dramatic arrival kept Joel from his photographer duties, and after his arrival we were preoccupied with a rigorous feeding schedule due to his birth weight and low blood sugar.  Unfortunately, many of the hospital photos I did get showcase the less-than-attractive feeding tube that was inserted on day two.

But by Memorial Day, my tiny little love was doing well and ready to come home.  I've spent the last week in a nursing/diapering/NOT sleeping stupor which has reminded me that I'm not twenty four anymore, but I am grateful for every moment I get to spend with him.  Even those that smell like sour milk or are sound-tracked by late night infomercials. 

Incidentally, I think I must have the Pocket Hose Ultra

Cael and Graham are adjusting well, and enjoying the prestige of being big brothers together.  I enjoy grossing them out with diaper disposal duty and after being informed repeatedly that all of my boys are of equal importance to me, they enjoy playing "What's More Important" during every free moment. 

"What's more important, Mom?  The baby, or the dog?"

"Well, Cael, Oscar is important to us and he is a member of the family, but Adler is a person, so he is more important."

"What's more important... me or the iPad?"

"You, of course."

Graham voted for the iPad.

Huge thanks go out to everyone who stopped by to visit, bring meals or flowers, send prayers during my labor or in the the sometimes scary months that preceded it.  We appreciate all of you and know that Adler will love you just as much!


    From the very beginning of your post to the last I have been going AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!<3<3<3 Enjoying your posts as usual.....
    Such a sweet family! Waiting eagerly to hear more about cute little Adler James and his big brothers!

    PS. You have made me broody for another baby! LOL :) I guess its for the best that my hubby z abroad! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! He is so tiny and adorable!! I'm glad everything has turned out well and he is home and healthy. LOVE the picture of you and your three boys!!


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