Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I can clearly recall one time in my life when I was forced to sit through the cliched vacation photo slideshow.  And anyone who has experienced a broken bone or the pain of childbirth will attest to the fact that they don't even compare to the agony of feigning interest in Aunt Loretta's photos of her favorite display at the National Doorknob Museum.

But this will be different.  And you know why?  Because these photos, thanks to Instagram and its various filters, look as through they were taken with a poor quality camera in the early 1970's.  Get ready.

Graham ready to fly.

Mt. Rainier from the air.

Garden envy.

Lunch with Bamma at one of our favorite places.

Fresh fish and chips!

Clear skies and red umbrellas.
Happy boys with Bamma.
Bubbles by the water.
Mommy on a rock.

Cael and Graham can't be outdone.

Paulsbo, Washington.

Look who wandered into Bampa's yard?

Graham enjoying the ferry ride.
Ships passing in the night, err, day.

Daddy, Cael, and some shades.
"Mommy, New York is so cool."  "Yes it is, Graham.  But this is Seattle."
Seattle from the water.

Cael's curls in the breeze.

Pike Place Market.
My favorite Seattle snack.

So many colors!

Beautiful fresh produce everywhere.

Joel's souvenir head-wear.

Cael imitating Daddy.

The city can tire out a guy.

Baseball at Bampa's house.
Cael attempting a home run.
Mommy vacation snuggles are the best!
Fresh crab from the sound. 
Catching a Tacoma Rainiers game while the Mariners are away.

Graham enjoying the 7th inning stretch.

Cael kissing up for more peanuts.

Baseball and Bampa - a good combination.

Graham dreaming of Iowa and his own bed.

A foggy Seattle morning.

Finding shells on the beach.

Uncle Seth teaching Cael to skip rocks.
Our last day in Washington, having fun in Fountain Park, Bremerton, WA.


Friendly Seattle seagulls.

Family photo at Fountain Park.

Graham snoozing back to Iowa.

If you made it to the end, you're probably as exhausted as I was at the end of the trip.  So take a nap, have a drink, and I'll see you tomorrow. 

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