Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Through A Child's Eyes

I saw this quote on Facebook yesterday and let my eyes gloss over the words just as they typically do with everyone's on-again-off-again relationship status and less than subtle reminders that, yes, you drive a BMW.  You're so successful.

But as I moved on to more important sites, (ahem, Pinterest) I thought more about that quote.  Do my boys see the world as it ought to be?  That adage might be true for many children, but as time goes by, mine seem to be adapting to my sarcasm and sometimes dark wit. 

For example, yesterday's beautiful weather provided another opportunity to play outside in the sorely missed sun.  Graham frolicked in the grass while Cael, ever the pessimist, collapsed on the ground next to me.

"It's so hot, Mom."

"It's really not, honey, you're just hot because you've been running around.  If you take a break you'll feel better."

"No, I don't think so.  God just made it super hot for me so I'd be uncomfortable and you'd let me go inside and watch TV.  But don't worry, Mom-- God didn't make it too hot for the other boys.  They're fine to stay out here."

Not exactly how the world ought to be.

Graham is not immune, either, although his innate sweetness and youth limit damper his negativity.

"Mommy, remember that day when Cael was at school and it was just you and me and no one else?"

"Yeah, it was just last week."

"Yeah, that day.  That was good."

"I like to spend time with just you sometimes, too."

"No, not that.  I ate six pieces of candy when you were in the bathroom that day.  It was awesome."

Far from how things ought to be.

But if children see things in such an optimistic and wishful light, how do the boys see me?

"It's you, Mom."

"Thanks, Cael." 

"Mommy looks weird, Cael." 

"I know, Graham, but that's just how she looks."

What do kids know, anyway?

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  1. Cute stories--I laughed out loud : ) Got to love what comes out of a kids mouth!!


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