Friday, April 19, 2013


Mother's Day is coming up soon, and I already know what I want.  I want Graham to pronounce the
letter "g" appropriately instead of the letter "d" and "c/k" instead of "t".  

"Mommy, I lite dat dood puppy song.  Now I'll do dah next part.  Otay?"

"Okay, Bubba.  Let's hear it."

"How much is dah titty in dah window?  Meow, meow!  Dah one wiff dah fluffy white tail.  How much is dah titty in dah window?  I do hope dat titty's for sale!"

Next time we'll stick to Old MacDonald...


  1. LOL!!!!! Happy Mother's day n hope ur wish comes true!

  2. Hahahaa! My cousin had that gift too, and he said his K as a T... favorite animal was you guessed it - a kitty... family found great humor in asking:
    Obnoxious Uncle: "What do you love to pet?"
    Will: "Titties!"
    Chuckling Aunt: "What's your favorite thing?"
    Will: "Titties!"
    Laughing Cousin: "What do you like to touch?"
    Will: "Titties!"
    Other Laughing Uncle: "What do you hug?"
    Will: Titties!"
    You get the idea.... LOL...


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