Friday, April 12, 2013

An Afternoon Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for having Papa buy me a new Avengers coloring book.  It's different from my old Avengers coloring book because the pictures are different.  I'm gonna color them different, too, because they are different pictures.

Did I say thank you for my book?  I'll say thank you to Papa again next time.  Because my book is awesome.  And I'm an awesome colorer and I'll color the pictures so they look so awesome like the real Avengers.  I like Thor.  I can say "Thor", now, because I make a "th" sound with my mouth but before I could only say "For" like an "f" sound.  I can do it now because I'm awesome, too.  So is The Hulk.

I'm gonna color now.  I'm gonna color the different pictures.  Wait until you see how awesome I am.


Oh, God, thanks for crab rangoons, too.  Those are so awesome.

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  1. That is the most adorable prayer ever! :) I am sure God smiled when he heard it! :)


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