Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Predni-Zone

It was about a year and a half ago that I re-wrote the book on oral steroids for children and told it like it is.  Or was, in this case.  But what I neglected to consider at the time was that Cael, responding to the medication like a crazed killer set on ruining me psychologically, one day at a time, might be in the minority.  Perhaps most children respond to Prednisone minimally, and maybe some don't respond at all. 

Still others might respond like Graham.

I fully expected a five-day course of oral steroids to turn my sweet, quiet(er) boy into a raving, thrashing lunatic like it did his brother.  But instead, Graham has reacted with dramatic, Britney Spears-grade emotional instability and moods swings that would put a pregnant woman to shame.

"Graham, I made banana bread.  Do you want some for breakfast?" 

"Yea!  I love banana bread!  Yummy!"

"Okay, here you go." 

"On a blue plate?  A blue plate!  No!  I want a purple plate!  A PURPLE PLATE!"

"Wow, you don't need to be so angry.  The purple plate is in the dishwasher, so this time I have to give you a different one." 

"What?  It's in the dishwasher?  Noooo!"  (sobbing)  "I only want the purple plate.  Mommy!  Nooo....!"

"I'm sorry that makes you unhappy, but I'm not going to give you a dirty plate.  You can have a blue plate or a green plate."

"Green?  Yea!  A green plate!  Thanks, Mommy!"

Mercifully for me, this conflict was only about a colored plate, so you can imagine the obscenely dramatic scene that unfolds when something of any consequence takes place.   

He kicks.  He screams.  He cries.  I berate myself for preferring the wheezing.

But mostly, I feel relieved by the knowledge that the medicine is gone and I will, someday soon, get my son back.

All ten fingers, ten toes, and all fifteen of his personalities. 

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