Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolution Update

It's been over a month since I resolved to potty train Graham before Christmas, and it with a great sense of pride and a huge knock on a giant piece of wood that I announce our success.

Much credit goes to Joel, who was the great enforcer when it came to underpants in those moments when I was simply tired of changing wet jeans and simply wanted to throw in the towel and slap a diaper on Graham's bottom.  But with his steadiness, we managed to be out of diapers during the day  within two weeks of our resolution, and officially diaper-free 24 hours a day by December 23rd. 

We did it.

So I should be thrilled, right?  Think of all of the money saved.  Think of the extra room in my trash can each garbage day!

I should be thrilled, but it seems that we have replaced one problem with another.  When Graham needs to use the toilet, which he determines with no accidents, he does his business quickly and gets back to his toys or lunch.  He never, and I mean NEVER, remembers to put his clothes back on. 

Somehow, for Christmas, I turned in an incontinent baby and got a nudist in return.

At first it was cute, but very quickly it became a strange constant in my home.

"Graham, put your underpants on before you play baseball!"
"Graham, don't sit on the table without underpants!"
"Graham, the people at the door don't want to see your pieces... put on your underpants!"

So with my Christmas resolution complete, I am setting a Valentine's Day resolution to tame my little nudist in the next month.  Not just for my own sake, but for the sake of his future teachers, friends and anyone who should drop by unannounced at my home.  This is for you.

Wish us luck!


  1. Think of it this way--he's not only saving you money on diapers but on underware & pants too ; )

  2. His age group are known nudists. Maybe you should turn the heat down so he 'needs' to put clothes back on to stay warm???

    1. Good call. I need to nip it before he starts flashing little girls he sees...

  3. Congratulations!! Being diaper free is awesome! (Although you have us beat on the night time though. Sigh). My youngest is like Graham- he is running around nude after being in the bathroom more often than not. I would say it's a boy thing, but neither of my 2 others did it!

    1. We had to work for it with Cael, but with Graham we accidentally forgot to put on a diaper, and he was fine! We never looked back! Wish all things were that easy.

  4. Ohhh I'm soooo glad it's not just Averie! We still have that issue here on occassion... Good luck!


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