Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Class of 2012

Well, it's the beginning of a new year, and there is no better way to look back on the past 365 chaotic days than to dwell on the most memorable, dramatic, painful or amazing moments in typical high school yearbook fashion.  So here are 2012's superlatives, and a walk down memory lane.

Best Hair - After a battle of wills about cutting Cael's overgrown thatch of hair last December, a comment from a waitress about my "sweet little girl" prompted Joel to get his hair cut when I wasn't around.  But only a month later, I was able to watch as Graham's locks were trimmed... in my presence.

Greatest Loss - It is with heavy hearts that we remember the death of our beloved iMac; friend, assistant and master processor.  Although it has been replaced in our office, it can never be replaced in our hearts.

Most Masculine - Cael and Graham sporting marker 'staches.  Just because.

Most Miraculous - Joel's plastic Jesus proved to be more than just a white elephant gift when damaged toys were made whole again shortly before Easter.  Think my husband would stop snoring if I tucked a mangled Jesus in bed with him for a night?

Worst Driver - Although Cael can, at times, say things beyond his years, he is only five years old.  And in our fine country a five year-old cannot vote, drink, and certainly cannot drive.  Cael took issue with the latter when he put our motorhome into neutral and we went careening into the neighbor's driveway in late April.

Most Resillient - Cael, in an unfortunate backyard football/dog chasing incident, was run over by Graham on a rampage with the John Deere Gator.  Although at a serious disadvantage to the big and heavy Gator, Cael emerged unscathed, but a little shaken.

Greatest Achievement - On his very first Daddy/Son Fishing outing (titled somewhat inappropriately because of my presence), Cael caught a fish in a nearby lake.  If asked, Cael might cite "peeing in the lake" as his greatest achievement, but all of us were surprised as he pulled his catch from the water.  Graham nearly tossed my iPhone into the water out of frustration because he hadn't snagged his own fish, but I managed to convince him that he was a goose-chasing expert in his own right... hook, line and sinker...

Most Likely to Succeed - It may not have been his very first day of school, but when Cael walked into his classroom at the official elementary school for the first time, he couldn't contain his excitement and even seemed to walk taller.  I walked with tissues.

Cutest Patient - It's hard to be little.  It's even harder to be the little brother of a boy in school, who brings home all sorts of germs and illnesses for you to catch.  When Graham caught a nasty infection with high fevers and chest congestion, it quickly landed him in the hospital where he worked his charm on the Pediatric nurses. 

Most Delectable - Just in case I didn't have enough to do while preparing for my boys' birthday parties, I decided to torture myself with two highly involved cake projects.  But because I am far from a professional cake decorator, Graham's cake quickly sank without supports.  Cael reaped the benefits of my new knowledge, but my sanity took a beating!

Most Inspired - As a parent, there's nothing worse than seeing your child in pain or not feeling well.  So in an effort to combat the bacterial blues, I crafted this airplane for Cael and Graham from cardboard boxes.  In a related note, this airplane also holds the superlative "Most Quickly Destroyed".

Cheeriest Elves - Cael and Graham's Christmas was made complete by a ride on the Polar Express in December, where they chatted up Santa and nearly bathed in hot chocolate.  Although we didn't crash through the frozen lake, the boys' eyes glowed with excitement as we pulled into the station.

And that's it for 2012!  Here's hoping that 2013 brings just as many memories and nowhere near as many diapers.  Happy New Year, everyone!


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