Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Problem #2

When you're a mom of boys, everything comes down to poop.

"Mom, what is pee?  I mean-- what makes pee?"

"Well, when you drink water or milk or any liquid, your body uses some of that to grow muscles and use as energy so that you can run and play, like when we put gas in the car."

"So you can put milk in the car?"

"No, stay with me here.  Just like gas gives a car energy, you use food and drinks for energy.  But your body doesn't use all of it.  So the the liquid your body doesn't need comes out when you pee."

"Oh.  So what is poop?"

"Well, if pee is the liquid your body didn't need, what do you think poop is?"


One can always count on Graham to point out the obvious.

"I don't know, Mom.  Chicken?"

"You're pretty close.  Anything solid."

"What does 'solid' mean?"

"Anything you'd have to chew.  Like pizza, or meat or cookies.  And when you eat stuff that's not good for you, your body uses less of it and you poop even more.  That's one more reason why you should eat good, healthy food."

"So let me get this straight... when you had Graham, you just ate so much yucky stuff that Graham came out?  Like chips and candy?"

"No, Cael!  Your brother was not poop, he was a baby!"

"So you ate a bunch of babies?!"

I think actually I preferred the potty talk.  On to problem number three...


  1. Love it!! His faces are just priceless!! :)

  2. That's a riot! How do babies taste anyway? ; ) Shirley

    1. Well, if Graham is any example, probably like peanut butter and Tootsie Rolls that he stole from my car after a trip to the bank. :)


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