Friday, May 25, 2012

A Sticky Situation

Sometimes as a parent, you just need a pat on the back, you know?  A small reminder that, while you're no parent of the year and there is so much  more that you could give, you did something right-- or at least averted a problem.

Cael had his dental check-up earlier this week and passed with flying colors.  Once he loosened up enough to be friendly and quit clenching his jaw shut, the hygienist was able to see that his beautiful pearly whites were cavity-free and undamaged by the dreaded "sugar bugs".

He couldn't let me off that easily, though, repeatedly asking the hygienist questions that made me look utterly neglectful despite the fact that he knew the answers. 

"What is flossing?"
"What are cavities?"
"What is a toothbrush?

When his appointment was done, Cael was able to choose a sticker from a basket just like he does when we visit the doctor.  Dora or Mickey, Batman or Cars?  He enthusiastically grabbed hold of one, and once in the van expressed his confusion. 

"Mommy, I get a sticker at the doctor, and now I got one at the dentist!"

"That's right.  You got that for being a good patient."

"Can we go to the doctor so I can get another sticker?"

"No, you're not sick."

"But I want another sticker.  Can I go to the foot doctor?"

Cael's middle toes, perhaps serving as a metaphor for his personality as a whole, curve under and rebel against the actions of his foot.  He has visited a podiatrist in the past, so when he requested to see the foot doctor, I assumed he knew what he was talking about. 

But then, in an effort to acquire a record number of stickers, things got weird.

"Or I could go to the chin doctor.  Or the tummy doctor.  Or Mommy, I could go to the bottom doctor!"

"I don't think the bottom doctor gives away stickers, honey.  Plus, your bottom is just fine."

"No it's not.  It's super stinky."

No argument there.

"How about this, Cael?  When we get home I will give you another sticker so that you don't have to visit the bottom doctor."


As promised, I handed over the sticker to Cael and he scampered off to torment his brother.  Within 20 minutes he reemerged, walked up to me and promptly dropped his pants. 

"Look, Mom!  I put the sticker here since it was for the bottom doctor.  And I have one on my head, too.  I think I need to see a head doctor."

And for once, I completely agree. 

I'll be taking Monday off to enjoy Memorial Day with my family.  See you on Tuesday!


  1. He is hilarious!!! Gotta love when they confess things that aren't true! What did the podiatrist say about his toes? My 4yr old has a toe just like that and I've been meaning to get him to a podiatrist. His pediatrician said not to worry about it if it doesn't hurt, but I worry anyway!

    1. They told us to come back in 6 months (which we did) and got the same response. At this point it's not bad enough to require surgery, but if it continues they may fashion some sort of splint to keep it straight. We also have to buy shoes 1 size too big so that there is no pressure at the end of his toes. His right foot looks better, but the left is about the same.

    2. Thanks for the information. I'd better get my little guy into a podiatrist. Congrats on your blogiversary!! I'm glad I found you!


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