Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Innernet Inquisition

"Mommy, what is a blog?"

"Well, it's a website where you can write and post pictures.  It's a place where you can talk about whatever you want."

"What's a website?"

"It's something you can see on the computer.  You've heard me talk about the Internet, right?"


"Well, websites are the places you can go on the Internet." 

"Can we go there?"

"No, you can't visit them.  They're just pages you can see."

"Like paper?"

"Um, no, not like paper.  It's just something you see on the computer but nowhere else."

"But you see it on your phone and on the iPad."

Sigh.  "Okay, yeah, you can see it anywhere you have the internet."

"Can you see it on the microwave?"


"Can you see it in the van?"


"Can you see it in the bathroom?"

"Not unless you bring in a computer."

"I don't get it, Mommy.  You write and show pictures on something that's not paper and you can't see it in the bathroom?  I don't get the innernet.  I think it sounds stup-- uhh, I think it's stinky.  Why don't you just write stuff on a piece of paper?"

Maybe I've been around them too long, but that logic made sense to me.

And it's totally true.  But what can I do?  It is what it is...

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