Monday, October 3, 2011

Technological Caelism

I had a really good post for today.  I really did.  And then four years ago I had Cael.

Or, more specifically, I woke up this morning and Cael had deleted two post drafts I had written last night.  I had to kick myself for leaving the browser page up and kick myself even harder for letting him run loose this morning while I washed my hair.  But the real kicker was not the missing posts (they weren't that good anyway) but the monitor itself.

 It took me several minutes to figure out what I was looking at and why all of my computer's colors were inverted.  But I got it just in time for Cael to meander into the room.

"Cael, were you messing around with the computer?"


"I'm going to ask you one more time.  Were you touching the computer?"

"Maybe I did it."

Just then, Graham entered the room and Cael's story changed like a crime suspect making up a story to avoid further interrogation. 

"You know what, Mommy?  Maybe Graham pushed some buttons."

"Did you see him push any buttons? 

"No, but maybe he did.  OR MAYBE I DID IT!"

Apparently he hasn't reached the stage of development where he wants to cover his own diaper-clad rear end. 

"Well if you think that you maybe did it, I think you should maybe help me clean and fix it up." 

"Good plan, Mommy.  But now I think Graham did it again..."

Go figure.  Time for a technological time-out?

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  1. I feel your pain! Raya was on a kick for awhile where she'd do something (god only knows what) that would turn the image on the computer screen sideways! The first time she did it we had to tilt our head for an entire day in order to use the computer because we had no idea how to turn it back...but now we're on to the little shit and I always keep my laptop closed up tight LOL :-)



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