Friday, October 28, 2011

Caelism of the Day

I never know how to approach conversations about God.  Cael is very interested in the idea of "heaven" but can't yet grasp a non-tangible place that he simply has to believe is there.

So last night, as I laid him down to bed and we said our prayers, Cael asked me about God and heaven and I decided to try putting heaven on his level.

"Cael, God is a little bit like Santa.  You don't get to see him, but you have to believe that he is real.  Except God is WAY bigger and knows everything about everyone."

"God is like Santa?!"

Uh-oh.  Parenting misstep.

"He's kind of like Santa."

"Does God come down our chimney?"

"No, honey, he is up in heaven."

"Up in the sky?"

"Yep.  You can't see heaven, but it is there."

"Could I take a train there?  Like that steam engine we rode before?"

"Nope, you can't visit there until God is ready for you."

"Oh, okay."

 But there was more.

"What will God be?"

"I don't know what you mean.  What will God be?"

"For Halloween.  Will God dress up for Halloween?"

"I don't think so, Cael.  Halloween isn't God's thing.  He has bigger fish to fry."

"He's going to be a fish?"

"No.  God's gonna stay in heaven and pass out candy."

"Can I show him my train 'ductor costume?"

"He can see it already.  God sees everything you do."

"God watches me go potty?"

"Well he could, but I think he cares more about making sure you make good decisions."

And in a rare moment of clarity...

"I don't always make good decisions."

"Not always.  But you're learning, and as long as you keep trying, that's okay with me."


Taking advantage of the brief pause in conversation, I practically sprinted out of the door after offering a quick kiss and "I love you" to my very confused boy.


"What is it, Cael?"

"Did God get his fish costume at Walmart?"

"Yep, he sure did."

Sorry, God.  That was just a little white lie.  

I'll keep trying.


  1. OMG I love it! Thanks for the laugh, my Liam is on Prednisone...and his sister keeps stealing his good buddy Spot the Dog :)

  2. HAHAHA I love it! His thought process is amazing. :) Heaven is such a difficult thing to explain, and I have struggled explaining it to Izzy, but she either was satisfied with my explanation or just gave up on me, because she hasn't asked again! All in due time I'm sure...

  3. Sarah- We have felt the wrath of Predinsone... I feel your pain! Good luck with Liam!

  4. Natasha- Cael asks about it occasionally and I feel like I should say SOMETHING, but it always seems to backfire on me! Sounds like you've done a better job than I have!

  5. hehe...Even God shops at Walmart now. They really are taking over the world! :-)


  6. Shawna- I hope God pulls up his pants and doesn't wear Spandex like everyone else at Walmart. Maybe he should do his shopping at Target. That is more his style. :)

  7. Well, *I* think Target is heavenly for sure ;-)



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