Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Blogging Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, I got nominated for a blog award.  And that was pretty cool.  For two glorious days, I was in the lead and thought I might possibly stand a chance at winning the contest and some recognition for this crazy blog that I've spent so much time crafting.

And then I pricked my finger, or ate a poison apple or something, and I realized that I didn't stand a chance. As it stands right now, the leading blog has over 700 votes and I'm looking the part of the ugly stepsister with a measly 72.  I think I'll be Drizella.

I know I can't win this thing.  I'm too new on the blogging scene and don't have the readership to win the popular vote. But I'm pleading asking you to cast your vote for me to keep the Editor's eye on my blog and help me continue to attract new viewers that may find me on the contest page. 

Click HERE to Vote!

It's almost midnight and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.  Please vote and share this link with your friends so that they can vote too.  Because me as a pumpkin might sound cute, but let me assure you that I start to stink after a few days, too. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for VOTING!  Contest ends October 15th.

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