Monday, August 15, 2011

You Really Love Me?

Is it possible?  A national magazine, Parents, is running a "Best Blog" contest, and I have been nominated in the "Funniest Mom Blog" category.  So although this represents a milestone I thought would come four or five years down the road, I am here begging asking for you to vote for me and propel me into a level of "blogdom" I thought I wouldn't reach for many, many years.

Oscar is frantic.

Cael equates this achievement to riding a steam engine.  Plus, he thinks you're SO daft.

Graham would eat 14 green beans and 1/2 a baked potato just to provide his ol' mama with a good pat on the back.

So here's where you come in.  Click the Parents Funniest Mom Blog Nominee button in the upper right corner above my picture and vote for me, please.  If you love pictures of Cael's bare cheeks while you're sorting through emails and Graham's quivering bottom lip makes you weak in the knees, you need to vote for me to keep this blog running.  Plus, I'll love you forever.

Will you vote for me?  Click the button for YES.

PS- Come back later this afternoon for your regular daily dose of our antics.


  1. Oh ho! So you're the competition, grrr....

    Good luck! And keep writing!

  2. Uh oh.... ;) I have a feeling that by the time October 15th rolls around I'll be about 300 votes short! But I'm giving it my best effort! Good luck to you!

  3. Hi Mary,

    I tried to vote for your site multiple times, but the site continually tells me there's an error with my log-in. There isn't because I'm logged in while it's telling me that. I really wanted to vote for you. I'll have to try back a different day. It was kind of funny signing up for a parenting site when I'm nowhere near that stage of life! I just my junk mail account though so I won't be inundated with articles. ;o) Hope you get lots of votes!

  4. The website won't let me in!! Says I'm already logged in but won't let me vote. You are the best!!!

  5. Maggie and Judy- It is so temperamental. I do know that it will only let you vote once, but if you've not done that you might try the voting link again. I know that when I tried for the first time I got errors during the registration, and it showed that I was already logged in. Once I went back to the original link I was able to vote. I appreciate you trying and I hope it works out!


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