Monday, August 29, 2011

Aww, Blog Post!

Lately Cael has developed a new set of exclamations.  Thankfully, these have come in place of his Thomas-related outbursts and other (more highly inappropriate) phrases that tend to sneak in like those three or four people at your wedding that you're sure you didn't invite.  But because of the less offensive nature, I didn't stop him when he started improvising with his outbursts.  The first time he shouted "Aww, rats!" I thought it was kind of cute and a much more age-appropriate catchphrase than other things that have come out of his mouth, most often due to movies and shows that are supposed to be appropriate for preschoolers.  (As an aside, thank you, Pixar, for infusing several of your children's movies with enough "what the heck" references to choke a horse.)

Even Graham has fallen prey to the WTH illness.

"Let's clean up your diaper, Graham."

"Big poo."  (Buh poo seems to be a thing of the past.  We're maturing.)

"Do you have big poo?"


Opening his diaper, I can see that "big poo" was a gross understatement.  Gross in volume and seriously gross in appearance.

"Yucky, Bubba!"

"Wah da heck!!"

While that was an incredibly accurate context in which to use that expression, it's not one I want to hear either of my boys say.  It's tacky and classless, and my boys are neither of those things.  When they don't have "buh poo", that is.

So Cael's "aww, rats" evoked a more innocent image of my little foul-mouthed monkey; one that I could get on board with.  But "aww, rats" didn't hang around long.  Within a few days I noticed that each disappointment was met with a new exclamation.

"Cael, we're not going to have pizza for lunch.  Let's have a ham sandwich."

"Aww, crackers."

At first I wasn't sure if that was a new term that I'm too old and too much of a mom to "get", or if my son was spouting racial slurs at Graham and me.  I ruled out the second and decided it was just another cute Caelism.  But just as I'd written off this latest phase as a silly personality quirk, Cael's cracker comment evolved.  I noticed him inserting all sorts of nouns into the proper position, and most often the words he used represented items in the room at the time of teh emotional let-down.

"Cael, it's bedtime."

"But I don't want to go to bed!"

"I know you don't, but I already let you stay up a few minutes late.  Now we need to get you into bed."

"Aww, pillowcase." 


"Aww, vacuum cleaner."

...or my personal favorite...

"Aww, water in a bottle!"

And as cute as it is, I know Cael.  I know his twisted mind and how he uses his impropriety at the most effective moment.  And I also know that e will be heading to preschool soon.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't see slips of paper in his tiny backpack that read,

"Why is your son saying, 'Aww, sharpened pencils!' and 'Aww, paste and glue sticks!'  We just don't get it.  Wah da heck?"

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  1. Haha....this really cracked me up!Cael is way too cute!

  2. Thank you! It's always something, I tell you...


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