Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Camera Never Lies

I think we can all agree that my children are beautiful.  "Nuff said.

Oh, you wanted more than that?  Well, although both Cael and Graham have seemingly inherited the best possible combination of genes from their Mom and Dad, it's what they do with those good looks that seems to grab at one's heartstrings.  Or, in my case, causes that ache in my uterus for another baby.  I wonder if TUMS would make that go away...

I often kick myself for not paying better attention when they were babies, because both of them were showing me what type of people they would become.  Cael kept us up for hours on end, giggled with reckless abandon and battled Daddy for the "Raspberry Champion of the World".  He was as sweet as could be, but he also looked at us with a twinkle in his eye that I now know meant "I'm gonna push you to the edge of sanity!"  At that time I just thought that look was gas.

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  And "they", those jerks, are always right.  Where are they getting their info?  Must be Wikipedia.  Each photo I have of each of my boys tells a story of who he now is and who he will become.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself.

How many two month-old babies can wink?  This baby-- Cael that is-- is as transparent as can be.  He's clearly thinking, "I've got you around my finger already.  You won't even care when I pee on you, yell at you and ask to see your nuts.  Watch out, Mommy.  It's gonna be a bumpy life!"  But what about Graham?

Graham's photos are just as telling.  His sweet little face says "I'm going to love you and make your life easier.  I'm an easy baby."  And he was right.  The first two years of Graham's life have been a love-fest of snuggles and kisses.  But now he's turning two, and he looks more like this:

This is Graham's "Angry Face", which began as a funny curiosity of Graham's and something that was entertaining for guests and in photos.  But lately, he's learned the appropriate context for his face, and the look now accompanies an unwillingness to clean up, eat, follow directions and more.  My baby is growing up, and he's growing fiesty.

Cael has an angry face too, but one that also correctly identifies aspects of his personality.  When Graham gets frustrated, it turns to sadness.  But when Cael gets frustrated, he looks like this:

When Cael was about a year old, he had a cheap t-shirt that read, "I look like Mom, but I act like Dad".  Truer words were never spoken.  Daddy has that stubborn streak that made it into our oldest's genetic code.  Graham is the opposite; a visual carbon copy of Joel but with my personality.  I think he promises to be extremely successful and loved by all.  Right?  ...Right?

And then there is the monster that they are together.  Except that they aren't that monstrous at all.  In fact, when they are playing together-- really engaging one another, it's downright awesome.  Ever since Graham's birth, Cael has done his part to show his little brother "bubba" the ways of the world.  From kisses... playtime... lessons in seniority.

But I guess that's what brotherhood is all about.


  1. too funny! Love this and can't wait to see my two interact!

  2. I hear that with one boy and one girl, the boy usually is really protective of the girl (when they're older, at least). I hope they get along really well!

  3. Oh Man! I laughed so hard tear were streaming down my face at the video of Joel and Cael and the raspberries!! You should send that to America's funnies home videos!!!! That is good clean humor!!!!

  4. Megan- You're not the first person to tell me that and actually, we did! We sent it in shortly after it happened but we never heard anything back. :(


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