Monday, July 18, 2011

Caelism of the Day

While getting dressed for church on Sunday morning...

"Mommy, I like your shirt!"

"Thanks, Cael!  I like your shirt, too."

"And Mommy?  I like your hair.  It's really pretty."

"Thank you, sweetie.  You have very pretty hair too."

"But what's wrong with your FACE?"

"Nothing is wrong with my face, Cael.  What's wrong with your attitude?"

"Nothing, Mommy.  Don't be rude!"

 He's lucky he's cute.


  1. I *daily* remark how my kids are lucky they're cute. ;)

  2. I've heard before that babies were designed to be instinctively cute to us so that we'd take care of them rather than feeding them to the dogs.

    Cael's instinctive cuteness must be reeeeeally strong. :)


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