Thursday, March 24, 2016

Swap Meet

Apparently that old adage about March coming "in like a lion and out like a lamb" is wrong.  In my area, March came in with gentle, warm breezes and sunshine, and although the month isn't done yet, the temperature has slowly (and consistently) dropped. 

Like the rain.  Like my motivation.

On days like this that are so grey and dreary, I find it so hard to get going.  My lack of energy isn't helped by Adler, who seems to have a sixth sense that allows him to detect when the weather has provided me with a killer headache, and his new favorite game of surprising me by yanking my ponytail backward like a built-in noose.

Yeah, the laundry isn't going to get done today.

Instead, when my scalp can't take any more, I turn to my secret weapon: Face Swapping.

If you read my post on Tuesday you saw one example of the combined humor and horror that ensue when you take the face from one person (with one sized head) and superimpose it on top of another person (with a completely different sized head).  Face swapping is fun for the whole family, and no one need leave the sofa.

The only problem is that sometimes it works a little too well. 

Swapping Graham and Adler just showed me alternate combination of my own genes.

I was boggled at how swapping Cael and Graham kept Cael's look the same, and made Graham look like a chipmunk.

And swapping Graham and myself made me seriously contemplate a blonde pixie cut.

But not all familial combinations are positive, ya'll. 

On a different day, Graham and Adler changed my baby into a different sort of... creature.

Cael showed Papa what he'd look like after losing some teeth in a street fight.

And for this point forward, I will include a thank you to God in my daily prayers for not letting any of our boys look like either of us does in this abomination.

But despite the weather, after you've swapped all of your friends and family you may feel drawn to seek out new face swapping challenges.

 I always wanted to look cook like Ina Garten.

I wanted to see of I could swap with a photo on the wall, but I learned that a copy of a copy can lead to a frightening image.

In case you're wondering, yes, you can swap with an inanimate object.

Just make sure that no one is "swapbombing" your efforts.

And remember this-- if you find yourself really desperate, inspiration can be found anywhere. 

Like outside your favorite Asian food restaurant.

I'm much less hairy in real life.

But when the rain stops and the sun comes out, don't forget to take a photo of how you really look to stave off the nightmares.

On second thought, maybe I'll get to work on that laundry after all.

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