Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Negativity

Easter has come and gone, and all of the plastic eggs have been opened. But even though the festivities have ended, the Easter candy rationing battle continues.  What has surprised me, though, is that Cael and Graham are not the worst perpetrators of the "Easter Candy Meltdown". 

That title belongs to Adler.

In fact, Adler was the real star of this year's celebration.  With this being the first Easter he has been aware of and able to participate in, he quickly latched onto the concept of the Easter egg hunt and basket full of goodies.

Don't ask Adler about it, though. All he has to say on the matter is "no".

Despite the fact that he has an entire roster of words he can say clearly and in context, "no" is the only thing he is willing to verbalize without being prompted.  And boy, is he vocal.

So naturally, I thought it best to ask Adler to narrate the review of this year's Easter.

"Hey Adler, were you happy about having to take a nap while Mommy the Easter Bunny hid eggs all around our yard?"


"Did the big boys seem to enjoy finding their eggs, even though it was super cold outside?" 


"Did Mommy do a good job of disguising the fact that she forgot a few things that belonged in the baskets?" 


"Did the boys seem happy with their baskets?" 

"Did you sleep for three hours and finally wake up super grouchy?" 


"Were you confused when we went outside to find your eggs?"


"Did you fill your belly with ham and corn casserole?"


"Not even pie?"


"Even though you did nothing, enjoyed none of it, ate no food and hated your basket, are you still the sweetest little bunny around?" 


I won't ask his thoughts about Mother's Day.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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