Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Foggy Headed

We are in the middle of an unseasonably warm streak, and I have no complaints.  In fact, I have found myself feeling immeasurably happier after opening the windows and sending the kids out to play in the yard. 

I didn't feel great when they came back in with what turned out to be dog poop soaked into their wet jeans, but some things are worth it for 20 quiet minutes when no one wants a snack or challenges me to a Pokemon battle.

One minor side effect of this warming trend has been the stubborn fog that hung around (yesterday in particular) late into the day, and has put a serious damper on Graham's enjoyment of the weather.

"Mom, it was so foggy that I couldn't see our house when I played outside at school."

"Can you usually see our house from school?"


I figured that a simple science lesson about fog would clear up any misunderstanding.  So while we drive in the car, I shared my extensive scientific knowledge on the subject.

Graham after the first snow of the season.
"You see Graham, there is moisture in the air just like steam- like a vapor, but more like a cloud because it's not super hot water.  So the fog is like coolish, cloud steam.  But on the ground.  It's because the weather is so back and forth between warm and cold, so weird stuff happens.  But it won't help you see our house."

Yeah, that ought to clear things up.

"So Mom, can I see Bampa's house in Washington?"

"No, dude.  Fog will only make it harder to see."

"But I can see you."

"Yes, it doesn't make it hard to see everything, and I'm very close to you."

"Then I'm ready for it to stay warm and for the fog to go away so I can start seeing new things, like Bampa's house, and Mexico."

Me too, buddy. 

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