Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's In a Name?

I've thought a lot about baby names recently, for obvious reasons, and I think I am even farther from making a decision than I was when I got that first positive test result.  I shouldn't be surprised, then, by the dream I had last night that my baby was assigned a name by the hospital from a rotating list as if he or she were a hurricane about to make landfall.

And the name given to my baby?  Gertrude Wilbur.

Sure, you don't usually see a girl's name and a boy's name on the same birth certificate, but this is my overly hormonal subconscious talking, and this particular combination is probably not on my list.  But the even bigger dilemma is that I have no list.  I love the names we chose for our boys, and the way they suit their childhood personalities so well but would also sound sophisticated on the nameplate of a future architect or lawyer.  Cael Thomas... Graham Elliott...  Gertrude Wilbur?

There are so many odds stacked against us.  Our last name Foreman nearly eliminates any more modern choice ending in -an, -en, or -on, because they feel as though they rhyme.  We've exhausted boys' names and no longer find anything appealing, and as a teacher, Joel knows a girl with nearly every conceivable name and wants something new for our child that comes with no preconceived notions.

Maybe we need to take a step back and look to others for advice.  When Cael and Graham were asked, we were provided with the following suggestions:  

Sweaty Balls
Hot Potato
Sweetie Pie

Hmm... not quite my style.  I do like names that are not frequently used, though, so maybe we should look to celebrity baby naming trends to choose something fresh and unique.  Perhaps something like:

South Wynd
Axl Rod
Oranje Julius
Moonbeam Sunshine

Yikes.  Sometimes it feels like we'll never come to a decision, so I am glad I still have until June to come up with a moniker that all of us enjoy.  

And if all else fails, we can always go with George Foreman.

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