Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pregnancy Brain

I'm kind of scatter-brained at times, and that is a frustrating admission for a Type-A person like myself.  So when I realized late last night that I had not posted anything on this here blog in two full days without as much as a thought about it, I knew what was to blame.

Pregnancy Brain.

If you've had a baby, you know how it is.  Your body is so busy constructing a human that some of the energy previous allotted for brain function gets diverted for creating microscopic toenails or signaling to your stomach that you can, in no way, eat grape jelly on anything.

For me, pregnancy brain has generally manifested as forgetfulness, an excuse that I wield shamelessly each and every time I misplace something or forget something important. 

Forgetting "Pajama Day" at Graham's preschool last week?
Pregnancy Brain.
Sending Cael with two pieces of dry bread in his lunch because I forgot the peanut butter?
Pregnancy Brain. 

But no conversation about maternity-related foolishness would be complete without mentioning my experience while carrying Cael, and the holy grail of pregnancy brain atrocities.

When Cael was on the way, I had no other kids at home to blame for my stupidity, just a loosely house-trained puppy, a full time job, and a big pile of dirty laundry that was getting increasingly difficult to handle with my protruding belly.

I dumped the dark colored items into the washer, turned it on, and waited while it washed away the grime.  When it was time to move the clothing into the dryer, I hardly noticed that I couldn't detect the smell of detergent, and definitely didn't notice the wet, crumpled dryer sheets that were agitated with our shirts and pants. 

I did notice, however, when I pulled those same things from the dryer an hour later and found that everything was stiff and crusty from the baked-on detergent that coated the inside of the machine.

Yep, I put the dryer sheets in the washer, and the detergent in the dryer. 

Pregnancy Brain.

I can look back on it now with a chuckle and only a little embarrassment, realizing how ridiculous a mistake it really was.  So please forgive me for not posting earlier in the week, because I had a really good excuse.

Pregnancy Brain.  

That and also the fact that it took me three days to remember my Blogger login information.  Is it June yet?

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