Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Mismatch

From the day my boys were born, they demonstrated a number of similarities.

They had similarly colored eyes, were both equally challenging to deliver thanks to similarly oversized heads, and since birth have displayed similar skill in driving me batty in creatively similar ways.  But sometimes I have an experience that reminds me just how different they are, despite their matching blonde locks and joint propensity for trouble and late night snack heists. 

During the week of Cael's birthday, both of my boys' schools were planning trips to a local pumpkin patch, Kroul Farms

And because of a change in my schedule that saw one of my day care kids not coming for the week, I had both Thursday and Friday free to accompany my boys to the farm, where I had an impromptu lesson in genetics and personality development.

 For example, when Graham realized that I would be coming along on the field trip, he was thrilled that I would be there, and clung to my side for the first 20 minutes of the trip. 

Cael, on the other hand, who admittedly didn't know I was coming to meet his bus at the pumpkin patch, was surprised to see me there but found goofing around with his friends much more interesting that hanging out with dear ol' Mom.

The differences didn't end there.  Here is Cael deeply drawn into the excitement of the farm animals.

Here is Graham, acting bored and refusing to participate.

Here is Cael's favorite animal, a chicken with an eye for my Canon handheld.

And here is Graham's favorite animal, the pig, because "the curly tail on his butt looks like your hair, Mommy.  Just on your head.  Not on your butt.  Wait, DO you have hair on your butt?"

No, I don't.

Here is Cael, running at full force through the the hay bail maze.

Here is Graham, in a single file line, shuffling reluctantly along.

As the afternoon wore on, my boys even changed in similar ways.  Graham was shy and clingy at first, but later grew more confident and wanted to explore on his own.  Cael, on the other hand, was wild and hyper but later settled down and wanted to hold my hand.

So while I thought I was headed to the farm to look at some pumpkins with my sweet boys, I spent two afternoons reminding myself that for all of their similarities, Cael and Graham are very individual.

I also learned not to get too close to the chicken pen, but that's a story for another day.

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