Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ism of the Week

"Mom, what is olive oil?"

"It's oil made from olives.  They squeeze the olives and take the liquid out to make oil.  I use it to cook because it's better for you than butter or vegetable oil."

"What's vegetable oil?"

"Same sort of thing, Cael.  It is oil made from plants, but it comes more from the seeds than anything, and it's not as natural as olive oil."

"Can we make banana oil?  Or cookie oil?"

"I don't have the machines and the chemicals to make that stuff.  Plus you'd really have to press and smash them to get the oils out, not just to eat them." 

"Oh, I can SMASH, and SQUEEZE and FIGHT the vegetables and the bananas.  I'm the oil man."

Mental note.  Better hide the baby oil.

"The WHAT?!?"

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