Monday, September 10, 2012

Communicable Diseases

I was MIA on Friday.  Sorry about that.  But along with my presence, my energy, health, voice and will to live went missing as well, and they're still not quite back. 

See, I am one of those people that catches whatever is going around.  I used to think I just had a weak immune system, but the more likely culprit is that I have a school-age child, a husband that works in a public school and that I invite other day-care aged children into my home throughout the week.  To top it all off, I have been known to let my children run free at the McDonald's Playland, so perhaps I should thank my lucky stars that they've not yet contracted Hepatitis or a nasty french fry habit.

Graham tunneling his way through the Playland.
I am praying that we come out of it quickly, because next week is sure to be a whirlwind of activity between my sister Amy's wedding on Thursday night and Graham's 3rd birthday on Sunday evening. 

Come to think of it, each time my whole family has passed around an illness, it has centered around a holiday or major event.  For example, last November, you learned about the Thanksgiving Stomach Flu Fairy that strikes some member of my extended family who then, generously, shares it with the rest of us. 

Our private Thanksgiving dinner in quarantine.
It isn't just Thanksgiving, though.  I spent a chunk of Valentine's Day 2011 in the hospital with Graham who was battling dehydration.

Sweet Bubba in the hospital.

Even last Halloween saw me staring at my feet after I threw my back out.  And although that isn't technically a communicable illness, the doctor wrote me a prescription that made me feel much better, so I say it counts.  The meds also made me feel like I could hear colors, but we'll just keep that quiet. 

The other moms at the McDonald's Playland would be jealous.

So bear with me as I get back into the swing of things, because although I've been silent, I've also been busy.  Stick around and you'll find out why...


  1. Sorry you've been sick. We are sick way more often ever since my oldest entered public school, or germ heaven as we like to call it!

    1. I agree! I get it from all angles, so I think it's a wonder that we spend any time healthy. Knock on wood!


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