Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life's Not Fair

Nobody ever promised me fair, and I get that.  But could someone please explain that to Graham?

Somewhere along the line he picked up on the phrase "it's not fair" and has been angrily grunting it from a wrinkled, pouty face.  While he has the spirit of "unfairness" down, he clearly doesn't understand what it means, unless chickens, chairs and cars truly have it out for him.

So I sat him down this morning and thought I'd try to understand what, exactly, is so unfair about his life of playtime, meals placed before him and warm clothes laid out for him that he didn't have to wash himself.

So I quizzed him.

Yep, that's right.  The most unfair things in the world are people, puppies and kitties.  And while I can probably be pushed to agree with his first conclusion, the furrier items on the list are simply ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as a kitchen sink that flooded last week for the umpteenth time, a dog that has developed an affinity for peeing in the house and on the carper just one foot from the hard floor, having a schedule almost completely contrary to my spouse, and forgetting to put my shoes away and waking up to the cat throwing up partially digested pieces of shoelace. 

Come to think of it, puppies and kitties are kind of unfair...

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