Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pride and Priorities

This morning I woke up with warmth in my heart, and one thought at the forefront of my mind.

Today is a proud day.  

Cael and Graham are healthy, happy, and off at school learning skills that will carry them through adulthood, and slowly developing a sense of what they will do and who they will be.

Adler, despite his rough start in life, has flourished and is talking up a storm, climbing everything, and proving that amazing things come in small packages.

Graham, Cael, and Joel having an educational experience.

My good, hardworking, husband is always looking for opportunities for our kids to learn about the world.  Last night, he took Cael and Graham along to a local event where a Holocaust survivor was speaking about her experiences.  He discussed it with them in terms they could understand, and often works to provide them with an understanding of the world, both the good and bad, so that they can make a difference one day.

But today, I'm proud about something much, much bigger-- my husband won a contest for a dozen free Hurts Donuts.

Today I'm also proud of my priorities.

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