Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Six Steps to a Happy Anniversary

Today is my ten year anniversary, and all morning I've been mulling over how to express my feelings on social media.

It's not that I'm without sentimentality, but I have always been one to roll my eyes a little when I see the overly saccharine posts of my friends on Facebook when their anniversaries come around. If that is how they really speak to one another on a daily basis, then I am completely supportive.  But what good is such incredibly flowery language if it sounds like it came from a Hallmark store and not from your spouse? 

I'm here to help, and I think we could all use a good "Facebook Anniversary Greeting" tutorial.

Step 1:  Be clear about the event you are commemorating.

"Ten years ago today, I married my husband in front of nearly 200 people he'd never met, and in the state where I promised we wouldn't have the ceremony.  Whoops, my bad."

Step 2:  Share a detail about your spouse that you appreciate.

"Joel, over the years, I have come to love and appreciate your ability to stack the dishwasher so tightly that I can run less often.  It is clear that you value my free time."

Step 3:  Include a funny or touching memory from your time together.

 "I will never forget how terribly you used to embarrass me by falling on purpose in malls, stores and anywhere people gather."

Step 4:  Also mention something funny or touching you hope to share together in the future.

"I look forward to the future and all of the unknown ways you will continue to embarrass me."

Step 5:  Muse over how your life would be lacking if your spouse were not around.

"If I had not married you, I would never have known the splendor of the mountains, the awe of parenthood, or the satisfaction of sharing my obsession with FRIENDS with another."

Step 6:  Thank them for being your partner with a sentimental closing.  Post, and celebrate!

"Thank you for ten years of sushi date nights, back rub exchanges, marathon trips to Walmart and diaper blow-outs in restroom bathrooms.  The last years would not have been the same without you."

(And thank you for understanding me enough to see the love through all of the sarcasm.)

Here's to ten more!

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  1. What a gorgeous post, I love your wedding dress.
    Cute-ism, does that count?
    xx N
    PS Stay warm!


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