Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stuck In A Tail Spin

"Hey Mom, did you see what I can do?"

"What is that, Graham?"

"I can spin this coin.  I think I am the best spinner ever.  When I die, someone might be better.  But when I'm alive I'm the best."

"You are pretty good.  What side did it land on?"

"It's on tails.  Mom, why do they call it heads and tails?  There isn't a tail on the back."

"No, but that's just a way of remembering what is on the back side.  Plus, it's more polite than saying 'heads or butts'."

"Okay.  If I flip this and it lands on butts again-- I mean tails, can I have a cookie?"

"Sure.  You flip it."

"Ugh, it's heads.  Not fair!"

"Yep, it actually is fair.  You had an even chance of getting heads or tails."

"I think I need something that actually has a head AND a butt.  But Oscar is too wiggly to spin."

"Yep, maybe you'll just have to do a job to earn that cookie, Graham.  ...Graham?  Hello?"

"Would Adler get hurt if he landed on his head?"

"Just take the cookie."

Tomorrow we master "rock, paper, scissors".

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