Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throw (Way) Back Thursday

"You know, sometimes I wish I could repost an old favorite blog entry.  You know, like on days like this when I'm too busy to write, but I need to put something up before everyone loses interest.  And hey... it's Throwback Thursday, even!"

"Mom, what's Throw That Thursday?"

"Throwback.  It's just a silly thing on the internet where people put up old pictures and stories on Thursdays."

"Like a picture from yesterday when we stayed the night at Amy's house?"

"No, longer ago than that.  Like a few years ago.  Look at this picture, Cael.  You were three and Graham was only one.  I took that photo two weeks before I started the blog." 

"I like looking through our old pictures-- it's like going back in time, Mom!"

"Graham is showing his middle finger.  Don't you think he needs a time out?  GRAHAM!"

"No, Cael, he was little and didn't know what he was doing."

"Fine, then.  Here's mine..."

"Mom?  Is this from when we lived in a cornfield?"

"Grammy, we never lived in a cornfield.  This picture is from the pumpkin patch."

"I like going to the pumpkin patch.  But I really think we lived in the corn!  In a house in the corn?  Mom?  Don't you remember the corn?  We had a house by the corn and we lived there.  In the corn.  Kind of like the pumpkin patch but just corn, not pumpkins.  Do you remember now?  Mom?  About the corn- do you remember?"

"Okay!  Sure, I remember."

"Told you."

"Cael, this is one of the last pictures of you I took before you became a big brother."

"I look happier.  Probably because I didn't have to share my stuff."

"This is one of my favorite pictures of you, Cael.  You were watching out the door and waiting for Daddy to come home."

"I like this one better, Mom.  I look like I have a chef's hat on.  And I'm probably pooping in the sink."

"See, Mommy?  There you are in the corn."

"That's the Field of Dreams, Bubba.  We went there for a little trip right away after Cael was born, because Bamma and Bampa were in town and wanted to see it."

"And now we're all the way back to when Daddy and I got married.  This is why I like to take so many pictures-- so I can show them all to you and we can remember all of the great things we did."

"But Mommy, where was I when you got married?  And where was Cael?"

"You were in the corn."

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  1. Love this throwback!! And your response to the last question! :)
    - Ashley


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