Friday, February 28, 2014

Ism of the Week

Graham is getting more excited about the prospect of becoming a big brother.  He asks many more questions about what the baby does in my belly and whether he can see or hear.  Once I mentioned that he can hear from inside, Graham got very enthusiastic about the idea of talking to his little brother.

 "What do you want to tell him?"

"I'm gonna tell him about our house and our dog.  And I want to tell him about my preschool."

"That's nice, Bubba.  What else?"

"I can tell him about all of our toys!  And I'll tell him about the playset in our backyard and all of the stuff we can do when he's born."

"Perfect.  Okay, I'm laying down now, you can talk to my belly."


"Graham?  Are you going to tell your brother all of those things?  Graham?"


"Wait, that's it?"

"That part is important."

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