Monday, December 16, 2013

Knocking on Virtual Wood

Sometimes I think this blog has magical powers.  But like most crazy (or maybe just exhausted and misunderstood) people that think they have that gift, I can't seem to harness my power for good. 

In the past, I have made mentions of house floods and within days, the carpet is inexplicably soaked and I curse myself for not knocking on wood.  When I comment that the boys are behaving well, they respond by trashing the basement and peeing in the laundry baskets.  So with these sorts of experiences under my belt, I really should know better, right?

Remember how I posted the other day about how it can be a nice break when my kids are feeling under the weather?  The fates (or maybe this sinister blog) thought that was a perfect segue to test my parenting skills in the face of stomach flu.

I got a phone call from the school before lunchtime on Thursday requesting that I retrieve Cael after he had gotten sick in a hallway trash can.  After scrambling to get my day care kids picked up, I got him from the school and drove him home, listening to his proclamations that he wasn't going to get sick again.  Instead, I spent the duration of the day emptying his bucket every 30 minutes and doing my best to keep the kids separated. 

But just as I explained in that fateful post, when Cael gets sick he is not his usual, energetic self.  He wants to snuggle.  He wants to sleep near me.  And, germs be damned, he wants to touch my face all the time.

So my Thursday and Friday were spent fending off gastroenteritis and systematically disinfecting my whole house.  And I deserve some serious kudos, because no one else in my family got sick.

Knock, knock, knock.

All that is left for me is to learn from what has happened.  This blog clearly doesn't work like a genie's lamp.  I cannot simply ask for what I want and hope it happens.  Instead, if I think something is beyond the realm of possibility (and say so), I might have a very tiny chance.

Except for winning that mega-millions jackpot.  That $550 million could NEVER, EVER be mine.  Not ever.   


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